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The motto safety starts with the most basic elements, the color pigments.
We collect regulatory information on ingredients from authorities in charge of cosmetics in countries around the world, and carefully select ingredients that can be used for each country. We use highest quality cosmetic grade pigments that meet strict US FDA regulations. The safety of our pigment is maintained throughout our manufacturing process by following the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) guidelines and by utilizing Gamma Ray Sterilization. Our pigments are tested to ensure the absence of harmful heavy metals, which guarantees you the safety of all of our products.

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The quality of our pigments starts with our factory, which has been certified to meet US FDA cGMP (Good Manufacturing Process) guidance. Our quality assurance ensures the quality of our pigments is maintained all the way through our manufacturing process and the color of our pigments are virtually identical between different batches.

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The heart of innovation at Chromatista is our team of Master PMU artists, DuPont trained chemists, and industrial process engineers. Our Master PMU artists take the leadership in identifying opportunities to improve the pigments for PMU artists. Our chemists use their extensive pigment research and development experience to improve the properties of our pigment. Our process engineers revise the manufacturing process to safely and efficiently produce the improved pigments. Afterwards, our PMU artists test the new pigments to ensure that you get the best product possible.

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